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I learned how to snap to the time, but ... For some reason, it does not work for me, as it should ... I want that after some time, player automatically go to next passage.
Can you explain me that?)
I use Harlowe.

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When asking why a particular piece of code doesn't work you need to supply an example of said code, or else we can't examine it to determine the cause.

note: I am going to assume that your code looks something like my comment on your previous question.

You use the (live:) macro to delay a calling of a (go-to:) macro like so:

The initial text shown to the reader.
(live: 3s)[
	(go-to: "Target Passage")

... you don't need to use a (stop:) macro in this particular case because the (go-to:) macro causes a Passage Transition.

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