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Static vs nonstatic?

I dont think the races are  going to change, what the player chooses to look like might, so if they start out human and then by using potions turned into a sphinx/scorpoion hybrid, then would i need to use like flags or booleans or something?

LIke the sphinx would have a cat tail but its replaced by the scorpion tail, in which then it gets a little fuzzy as i would then need to figure out at what changes does adding/removing parts come in. Cause if you start as human and then turn ito a sphinx then something has turned on(what a sphinx would look like, so the player would gain fur, claws, tail, wings,quadruped,etc) and something has turned off(human hands,bipedal,plantigrade,hair,etc). But does that override happen after drinking 2 potions or more is there a certain invisible scale that needs to be made for the player that gives of a percentage, and that number is whats used to figure out what race it is?

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You could do something similar to a equipment system. Like how equip/unequip adds certain stats and is slotted to certain parts of the body.


so your potions could be treated ina similar way to that. Drink and a tail is equipped, or drink and change skin to scales. Not sure how one would add time effects to that yet. But the stats added could be % strength of the potion effect or added defense.


You could look up different equipment systems on the forum. There are several different approaches to creating one.