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Hello there!

First of all, I am currently using SugarCube and I was wondering what code would let the user click on a text and it being able to change into different options.

E.g. You are a: *X*

And you would be able to click on 'X' to turn into 'Y', 'Z'.

Also, how would the user be able to save whatever option they choose?

Thank you for your time!

3 Answers

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Passage Name: Maze

<< link [Go right | Maze]>> <<set $TurnRightA = true>> <</link>>

<< link [Go left | Maze]>> <<set $TurnLeftA = true>> <</link>>

<< if $TurnRightA == true>> << link [Go right again | Maze]>> <<set $TurnRightB = true>> <</link>>

<< link [Go left | Maze]>> <<set $TurnRALeftA = true>> <</link>>


<< else if $TurnLeftA == true>> << link [Go left again | Maze]>> <<set $TurnRightB = true>> <</link>>



There are other ways but that is one that I have used.
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Check out the <<linkreplace>> macro.

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Take a look in the Twine Cookbook.  There are examples there for all kinds of things, including the "cycling text" you're looking for.

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