Welcome to the Twine Cookbook!


The Twine Cookbook is a collection of examples written in the GitBook format. To read the book on GitHub, start with the summary page. To compile it in book-form locally, download or otherwise clone the project and then review the instructions for using GitBook's command-line tools.

Suggesting Recipes, Updates, or Changes

Include as much as possible of the following in an issue:

  • A short summary of the example(s) or suggestions(s)
  • A reference to an existing work that uses it
  • How (or if) you would like to be recognized for your contribution

Submitting Recipes, Documentation, or Code Updates

Clone the repository. Review the organization and formatting pages for layout and style guidelines. Add your recipe and submit a pull request to add it to the cookbook.


The editors of Cookbook would like to thank the following people:

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