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Twine 2.0.2#



  • The storage quota bar on the story list no longer causes slowdown on Chrome.
  • A progress spinner is shown while importing from a file.
  • After an import, the story list automatically updates.
  • If a story is published to an already-existing window or tab, then a notification appears letting the user know that they should look over there for the updated output.
  • Passages are prevented from being moved offscreen.
  • Story formats now timeout on loading at 10 seconds instead of 2.
  • User-added story formats may now be deleted.
  • [[]] is no longer considered a link (previously, a passage with an empty name would be created).
  • Date sorting in the story list now works properly.
  • If publishing a story fails, then an error notification is shown to the user (previously, this would die silently).
  • Clicking a button automatically hides any tooltips for it, to prevent it from blocking any popups from view.
  • Passage connectors now take border width into account (i.e. links drawn from the start passage show properly).


  • Passage connector drawing during a drag has been sped up.
  • SugarCube has been added as a built-in format.
  • The browser's window title changes to match what the user is currently working on.

Built-In Story Formats#

No changes.