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Twine 2.1.0#

Upgrade Notes#

This is a significant update from the 2.0 series. If you're upgrading, please read the notes below before beginning.

If you are upgrading, then making a backup copy of your stories folder is recommended. To do this, launch Twine 2.0 and choose Show Library from the Twine menu. Quit Twine, then make a copy of the folder that was revealed. (If you are using Linux and Show Library doesn't work, your stories folder is located in ~/Documents/Twine.

If you had added custom story formats previously, you'll need to re-add them after updating to this version. The process works exactly the same as before. Sorry for the inconvenience -- you will only need to do this once.

If you do not see any stories after upgrading, double-check your Twine directory by choosing Show Library from the Twine menu. Go up one level from here. You may see two directories: one called "Stories," and another named Stories in another language (hopefully your preferred, non-English one). Move the story files from Stories to the folder with the localized name and they should be back once you re-launch Twine.

If you would like to continue using 2.0.11 online, it is still available at


  • Streamlined look and feel.
  • The starting passage now shows a green rocket icon in the passage instead of being slightly bolder.
  • Passages with broken links now show an arrow ending in an X instead of an icon in the passage.
  • Added dark theme for late-night hypertexting.
  • Loading large stories is considerably faster.
  • It's now possible to have multiple versions of story formats installed.
  • Harlowe 2.0.0 is now available. Please visit the documentation for details on changes. By default, newly-created stories will use this format, but this can be changed in the Formats option in the story list. Stories that used Harlowe 1.x will continue to do so after the upgrade.
  • SugarCube 2.1.12 is now available. Please visit the documentation for details on changes. As with Harlowe, stories that previously used SugarCube will continue to do so. If you had installed SugarCube manually under Twine 2.0, this version of Twine will try to update stories that used it to use the built-in version, but you may need to set it manually.
  • You can now use the Chromium web debugger on stories you test inside Twine by right-clicking the window and choosing Inspect from the contextual menu.
  • You can now directly drag a story file onto the story list to import it.
  • The story format version is now recorded in a published story file.
  • You can now drag the story map by holding down the middle button of the mouse instead of the space bar.
  • You can zoom into the story map with the mouse wheel.
  • When dragging passages when snap-to-grid is turned on, the passages will reflect this.
  • If you import a story with the same name as an existing one, then Twine will prompt you if you'd like to replace it.
  • Danish, Italian, and Portuguese localizations have been added.


  • Passages that link to themselves display a clearer arrow in the story map.
  • The gauge showing the remaining local storage space in the online version now works correctly.
  • It's no longer possible for passages to get pushed offscreen.
  • Renaming a story in the desktop app no longer creates duplicate files.
  • A typo in the German localization has been corrected.