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Publishing Twine Games on is a website that hosts Twine and other interactive fiction for free. Players will not need to log in to Borogove to play your Twine game, but you will need to log in to add it to the site.

This guide will detail the process of uploading a Twine game to Borogove.

Step 1: Use a Google Account#

A Google account is required to upload Twine games to Borogove. If you don't have a Google account, or don't want to use your usual Google account for this purpose, you can create one at (Click the "Create Account" link near the Next button and follow the instructions there.) Google permits the creation of multiple accounts.

Step 2: Sign In to

Click the "Sign in" link at the upper right corner of the webpage. Click the "Sign in to Google" button that appears next.

The first time you log in, a pop-up will open asking for your Google username.

If you are not currently logged in to Google, the pop-up will ask for your Google password.

Once you have logged in successfully, you will see the message "Logged in as your Google name". You can access any games you've already uploaded using the "My Games" menu link.

Step 3: Upload Your Game#

Borogove accepts single HTML files. If you need to host a more complicated game, try publishing at or, if the only extra files are images, hosting them at an image hosting site.

Click on the "Upload" menu item and drag or select your Twine game (the HTML file produced by the Publish to File option of the Story Menu) to upload it. Leave the File Format set to [autodetect]; Borogove should autodetect the file format as Twine.

Choose your preference of Public (listed in the directory) or Unlisted (accessible by link only) by clicking the corresponding radio button.

Borogove does not automatically detect your story's title, so you will need to fill this in at some point.

Click the Next button. Borogove will show you a preview of your story so you can check that it's working before the final upload. If you're happy with it, click the Next or Upload button.

For Public games, there is some required information, as well as an optional cover image and extra information. Fill these in as you like, then click the Upload button.

When the upload is complete, Borogove will show you the direct link to your story. The link is also available on your My Games page.

Other Features#

You can update a previous upload with a new HTML file, or change a game's visibility (Public or Unlisted) on the My Games page.