"Typewriter Effect": Chapbook (v1.0.0)


"Typewriter Effect" demonstrates how to create a delayed character-by-character effect. In Chapbook, new modifiers can be added through the engine.extend() function. This examples creates a new modifier called [typewriter] that accepts a time in milliseconds.

The [typewriter] modifier creates a series of <span> elements for each character found within the output of the modifier and sets an animation-delay equal to the time given to the modifier multiplied by the position of the character within the total length of the text output. When used, each character will appear within the passage as if "typed" based on the time given to the modifier.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
Chapbook: Typewriter

:: Start
engine.extend('1.0.0', () => {
    config.template.modifiers = [{
        match: /^typewriter\s/i,
        process(output, {invocation}) {
            // Get the time
            let time = invocation.replace(/^typewriter\s/i, '');

            // Save original text
            let text = output.text;

            // Get length of original text
            let length = text.length;

            // Set initial index
            let index = 0;

            // Wipe out output to start
            output.text = "";

            // Loop through the text
            //  -- Add a new <span> for each chracter
            //  -- Set the class "fade-in"
            //  -- Set the delay as equal to time multiplied position
            for(let i = 0; i < length; i++) {
                output.text += `<span class='fade-in' style='animation-delay: ${time * i}ms'>${text[i]}</span>`;

    }, ...config.template.modifiers];
[[Start TyperWriter]]

:: Start TyperWriter
[typewriter 1000]
Hello, world!

Download: Twee Code

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