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I'm using Harlowe 2.0.1, and Twin 2.1.3. I built the whole game using the browser version, in Safari. After reading the forums I now realize this was a mistake. However, there do seem to be workarounds for publishing the file. After trying both, though (saving the .html code from the Safari browser, and pasting it into a text edit document with file name .html) neither works. When I open the .html file, it opens in my browser, with a dark screen like the game looks like, but no text.


This is for a class and its due Wednesday night. I really don't have time to rebuild the game in Chrome. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you so much!

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You may not need to re-build the whole project in Chrome.

Try using the Archive option to create a backup of your current Twine Projects, this should result in the creation of an archive HTML file which you can then import into Chrome using the Import From File option.

1. You may need to use one of the same two workarounds to get the contents of the archive HTML file to save.
2. This transfer technique works because I uses it myself to move the projects I create to answer questions between Chrome and Firefox, although I don't have Safari nor an Apple machine so I can't test it on that combination for you.

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