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When I run my twine story using the test function, he second passage fails to show any text, does anyone know any potential reason or reasons why?

EDIT: Here is the code

body {
background-color: black;
tw-story {
color: white;
tw-link {
.enchantment-link:hover, tw-link:hover {
tw-link.visited {


heres a screenshot

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This is not really answerable in its current state. Can you update your question to include some code and a result (or at least what you think you see)? This way we can help.

Also, I assume you are using Harlowe but please use the tag feature to tell us more about your development environment.
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OK, updated.
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HERE... let me address this more

so... this looks like what I might see in your Story Stylesheet. Not in a passage.

Just to make sure you are familiar with the basics... delete all that text (if you feel more secure "cut" it to your clipboard). Then, just type in one word. Any word. "test"

Click play. Does it show up? If so, congratulations! You have a working install.

Next... back in the code, type this [[Room 1]]

See what happens.

Did a room auto-create? Cool because if so, you now have something playable. You have one room and one link.

If this works for you, then please come back here and show me where you are having trouble. I will help from that point.