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I have a game where the colors change for different tags. Here is the CSS:

tw-story[tags="great"] {
    background: white;
        color: black;

tw-story[tags="good"] {
    background: #b2b2b2;
      color: black;
tw-story[tags="ok"] {
    background: silver;
        color: black;

How do I change the link color inside the tags?

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The selectors for links in Harlowe are tw-link for markup links and link macros, and .enchanent-link for click-related macros. Additionally, links change colors on hover using the css :hover pseudoclass and upon returning to a passage after already having been visited with the .visited class. To change the color, you'll probably want to change all of these, so your selectors might look like this: 

tw-story[tags="great"] tw-link, tw-story[tags="great"] .enchantment-link {
    color: red; 

tw-story[tags="great"] tw-link:hover, tw-story[tags="great"] .enchantment-link:hover {
    color: pink; 
tw-story[tags="great"] .visited {
    color: violet; 

This will make all links, regardless of how they're generated, red and pink on hover. Visited links will be violet and pink on hover. 

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Thank you for your answer!
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