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Hey there, 

I still haven't found an answer for my last question.

I don't want to spam or anything, but it's been some days already, and I'm affraid I've been forgotten :(

Thanks a lot !

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Here's an updated version that saves its own state:

//intialize namespace
setup.messageMacro = {};

// default text option:
setup.messageMacro.default = 'Help';
setup.messageMacro.state = false;

// <<message>> macro
Macro.add('message', {
    tags    : null,
    handler : function () {
        var message  = this.payload[0].contents;
        var $wrapper = $(document.createElement('span'));
        var $link    = $(document.createElement(this.args.includes('btn') ? 'button' : 'a'));
        var $content = $(document.createElement('span'));

            .wiki(this.args.length > 0 && this.args[0] !== 'btn' ? this.args[0] : setup.messageMacro.default)
            .ariaClick(function () {
                if ($wrapper.hasClass('open')) {
                        .css('display', 'none')
                    setup.messageMacro.state = false;
                else {
                        .css('display', 'block')
                    setup.messageMacro.state = true;

            .attr('id', 'macro-' + this.name + '-' + this.args.join('').replace(/[^A-Za-z0-9]/g, ''))
            if (setup.messageMacro.state) {


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Thanks !
It works well with one <<message>> displayed, but if I have something like


<<message "Statistics">> Statistics <</message>>

<<message "Objects">> Objects <</message>>


Then whenever one is opened, both open on the next passage ? Would there be a way for it to remember which <<message>> has been opened, and which hasn't ?

Thanks again Chapel !
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