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It's- a me again! 
I'm sorry, I will delete all previous versions of this post once my issue is settled once and for all. 
I'm only posting again because I have no way of knowing otherwise if my renewed question will ever be seen. 

Chapel answered me in here, making a new version of his macro <<message>>. 

The issue I have is the fact that it works well with one <<message>> macro displayed, but if I have something like

<<message "Statistics">> Statistics <</message>>

<<message "Objects">> Objects <</message>>

Then whenever one is opened, both open on the next passage. Would there be a way for the macro to remember which <<message>> has been opened, and which hasn't ?

Thanks a lot. Sorry for overposting. 

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Get yourself a clean copy of the macro from my library, and add this code somewhere after it:

(function () {
    var state = [];
    prehistory['handle-messages'] = function () {
        state = [];
        $('.message-text').each( function () {
            var $self = $(this);
            if ($self.hasClass('open')) {
    $(document).on(':passageend', function () {
        state.forEach( function (id) {
            $('#' + id + ' a').trigger('click');


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Works perfectly ! Thanks a lot
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