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Hello. I am rather new to Twine and so far I have had some trouble finding out what works and what not. I use Scrivener on my Windows 10 PC and my iPad for my writing and I really would like to keep it that way, esp because I can write on my iPad, so when I decided to start writing IF my choice was Twine due to it could import from Scrivener vis a command line compiler using the Scree template in Scrivener. It seemed to work nicely with Twee2 but when I tried to import the produced HTML story file to Twine 2 I got nothing but an empty unnamed story. In Twine 1.4.2 I could import both the source txt (tw) file I produced with Scrivener or any text editor and the compiled HTML from Twee2. 

It seems like that Twine 2 has fewer features than Twine 1.4.2 so I thought that there maybe was a command line compiler that will work with Twine 2 or some way to import the source files (tw). I am not ready to use a command line tool 100%, Twine is a nice visual tool and it has a lot of things going for it,

Any advise? 


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I found out that a proofing format was needed from https://www.mcdemarco.net/tools/scree/enscree/

It wasn't mentioned in the Windows version only in Mac version.

//LarsPM :(
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Just for the record, enscree is a story format for reformatting an existing Twine story as Multimarkdown for import INTO Scree/Scrivener using Scrivener's Multimarkdown importer.

Judging from what he has said out of band, I think Lars has found a different process that works for him involving Coda, Visual Studio, and TweeGo.
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Why exactly are you trying to import into the Twine 2.x application?
eg. you want to use Harlowe?, you want to be able to use a web-browser to edit your Twine Project?

The reason I ask is that there are other ways to create Twine based story HTML files:
1. The Twine 1.x application.
2. A command line based TWEE Compiler utility like TweeGo.

(note: The Twine 2.x application is not a later version or an upgrade of the Twine 1.x application, they are just two different applications used to create story HTML files.)