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I have recently begun working on a small story for a writing test, demonstrating branching dialogue systems and consequences. I've recently run into a problem. I have one question 'hub' where the player can explore different options, being returned to the hub at the end of each option. I want to be able to lock the player out from repeating options and have managed to make some progress with 'visited' and ensuring that I can toggle between the active links and deactivated links when I want.

However when I test it, and follow an option back to the hub, I find that the other links are left grey and inactive regardless of if they've been visited or not. I'm a bit stumped and very new to this so please let me know if I've made any glaring errors:

<<if visited (Passage One)>><strike>Passage One</strike>
<<else>><<choice [[Passage One]]>><<endif>>

<<if visited (Passage Two)>><strike>Passage Two</strike>
<<else>><<choice [[Passage Two]]>><<endif>>

I've changed the passage names for readability, but this is the general setup I am using. I'm working with Sugarcube 2.

My apologies if I haven't explained myself well! I need to brush up on the vocabulary to make more sense of my problem.

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I'd suggest reading SugarCube's documentation for the <<choice>> macro because it explicitly spells out that the macro deactivates all other <<choice>> macros within the same passage.

For what you're attempting to do, regular links or <<link>> macros are what you want.

PS:  I'd suggest reading SugarCube's documentation.

PPS:  Sent from my phone.  I'll clean up this answer later.  Edit: Cleaned up.

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Cheers! I completely overlooked that, it's fixed and working as intended.
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Since you replied before I had a chance to tidy and expand my original answer, here are some other comments I wanted to make.

The following from your example (though corrected to use a regular link):

<<if visited (Passage One)>><strike>Passage One</strike><<else>>[[Passage One]]<<endif>>

Should look more like this:

<<if visited("Passage One")>><s>Passage One</s><<else>>[[Passage One]]<</if>>


Issues: (in order of appearance)

  • It's not idiomatic to put a space between function/method names and their invocation parenthesis.  For example:
    /* GOOD */
    /* BAD */
    visited (…)
  • You also need to quote the name of the passage within the call to the function, however, since it won't work otherwise that was likely just a typo in your example.
  • The HTML <strike> tag has been officially deprecated since around 2000 (HTML4) and obsoleted since 2014 (HTML5).  The correct markup to use is either SugarCube's strikethrough markup or the HTML <s> tag.  For example:
    /* SugarCube's strikethrough markup */
    ==struck text==
    /* HTML <s> tag */
    <s>struck text</s>
  • The <<end…>> style of closing macro tag has been deprecated for quite a while now.  You should be using <</…>> style closing tags, as shown in all examples within SugarCube's Macro Library documentation.

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