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For example:

Option 1: "How are you doing?" [+1 Friendliness]

Option 2: "Don't talk to me!" [+1 Unfriendliness]

Each option would link to a new passage and the stat would be recorded in the character's overall stats. The issue I'm having is making the stat increases conditional on the selected dialogue option. There will be times when different types of dialogue from different passages (resulting in different stat changes) need to link to a single passage. As is, all the put macros I include result in an increase regardless of which dialogue option I choose.

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This answer by Piply in the How to attribute points to a link so the user can accrue a score? question explains how to create a "Setter Link" or "Link with Setter" in Harlowe. In your use-case you would need to pre-initialise your "Friendliness" and "Unfriendliness" related story variables before updating them within the associated hook of the (link:) macros.

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