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In my game, I have a link to an outside website. The outside website can have a link back to the game or users can probably use the back button too. I need a way to stop the game from starting over and sending the users back to the homepage when they come back from the app from the outside link.

I have previously used harlowe for another twine game but I've been told I need to use sugarcube for this feature. I only know HTML and CSS and I'm new to javascript.

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Actually, if you switch to using the SugarCube story format in Twine, then it automatically remembers what passage you were on like that.  So if they're playing your game, then there's a link that takes them to another website, if they then hit the browser's back button, then with SugarCube it will go back to the same passage you were in before.

So, nothing special you need to do to get what you want, other than switch to the SugarCube story format.

If you want the latest version of SugarCube you can download it from here, the installation instructions are here, and you can find the SugarCube documentation here.

Enjoy!  :-)

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Thank you so much!
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