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I was hoping to use Twine as an interactive flowchart to help me organize an original IP story. I hope to publish the story for profit. With this in mind, I wanted to be sure of any ethical and legal considerations and/or barriers that Twine provides as an open source platform. I.E. Are all twine projects public domain?

Thank you for your time and help.

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note: As I understand things nothing that can be covered by Copyright related laws starts life automatically as Public Domain, the creator would need to actively choose to make it such.

The contents of a generated Story HTML file can basically be broken down into two main parts:

1. The Story Format template.

The Copyright licence(s) covering this part is controled by the Developer of the specific Story Format, as well as the Developers of any third-party JavaScript libraries the story format developer has embedded within that template. These Copyright licences are generally fairly permissive.

2. The Passage Meta-data.

The content within this area can be futhur broken down into three sub-parts:

2a. Content / code written by the project's Author.

This content is generally automatically covered by Copyright laws, how the Author chooses to licence it is left up to them.

2b. Third-party code written by someone else which project's Author has included.

The Copyright licence(s) used to cover such content is controlled by the original Developers of said third-party code, however such licences are generally fairly permissive.

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Thank you so much greyelf. Your explaination cleared up a lot of my concerns.