Trying to implement an "aggression" system. Help?

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asked Jul 17, 2017 by MrBrawl96 (120 points)
So I'm trying to make a game that is essentially the player making decisions what to say in a group chat with a couple friends. Rather than have a separate path for every choice, is there a way in Twine that'll allow me to implement a system that would let me assign "levels" to certain responses and the other characters will react based on how aggressive the player choices have been?

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answered Jul 17, 2017 by TheMadExile (42,760 points)

As noted by both Chapel and myself in your similarly named forum thread from last week, you need to state which story format you're using.

commented Jul 17, 2017 by MrBrawl96 (120 points)
Sorry, very new to twine. What exactly do you mean by "story format"?
commented Jul 17, 2017 by greyelf (76,130 points)

If you read the Twine documentation on it's Wiki website you will see a section describing what Story Formats exist, and how to determine which one you are currently using. The main Twine website contains a link to the Wiki.

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answered Jul 18, 2017 by Mr_Robot (280 points)

Based on what I know and the assumption that you are using the standart story format, because you're new (harlowe 1.2.4), I could suggest the following:

(click:"answer 1")[(set:$aggressionLevel to 1)]
(click:"answer 2")[(set:$aggressionLevel to 2)]
(click:"answer 3")[(set:$aggressionLevel to 3)]
(if: $agressionLevel is 1)[answer 1]
(if: $agressionLevel is 2)[answer 2]
(if: $agressionLevel is 3)[answer 3]
(if: $agressionLevel > 3)[answer 4]

Depending on whether the agrassion continues to the next passage, or it starts again, you should add "(set: $aggressionLevel to 0)"

Also depending on everyone being offended or just an individual you should consider to add individual levels, like "$agressionLevelPerson1","$agressionLevelPerson2" etc.


That's everything I can go on from what You've told, I hope it helps a little bit (warning, I just typed th code here, I don't know if it really works and depending on how you want to design your conversation it could get a lot more complicated)

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