How do you create overlays in Harlowe 2.0.1?

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asked Jan 10 by Parakeet (160 points)
I am familiar with html but not Twine.  I know how to make an overlay image in html that you can click through.  I have no idea how to make an image that would appear on every passage. I am using Harlowe 2-0-1. Also, does z-index work with Twine?  The idea is I want something that looks like interlacing.  I made an image to use, I just need to find out how to put it over all of the passages so that it covers the screen and looks as though all of the text is being viewed through an old monitor. Is this possible?

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answered Jan 10 by Chapel (38,110 points)
selected Jan 11 by Parakeet
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Add the div via JS: 

$(document.body).append("<div id='overlay'></div>");

Then just make the overlay look how you need in css. Z-index should work. 

commented Jan 11 by Parakeet (160 points)
Thank you so much.  Get it now.  This is awesome.  Twine is so versatile.
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