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I want to make a time system that I have tried to find else where but have found none of the same

I want to make a 12 hour clock that will change as the player does actions via links to other passages

I also want the system to go up by one day for every time it reaches 12:00PM or 24:00 depending on how it's set up

Anouther thing to add would be the days of the week and a day counter, Day 1 would be a monday and that goes to Day 7 as a sunday but I want it to be able to loop and go to Day 8 monday

I would also like to know how to add time raising to a link, you click the link and it adds, say 5 minutes to the time, but I would also like to know how to add a timer going down, I mostly want it for days but knowing how to make it use hours and minutes would be great too

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