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Hello everyone!

I use SugarCube 2.28.2

Not sure if I have anything else to add to the title. I really would not mind whatever is possible. Or is there a way to shorten the loading screen, and have most of the loading happen in a passage I can style however I like? Anyways something to make my various games a little unique would be nice.

Thank you!

[Update: I found a way google searching: editing the published html file. I searched "style-init-screen" and replaced:

border:24px solid transparent;border-radius:50%;border-top-color:#7f7f7f;border-bottom-color:#7f7f7f;width:100px;height:100px;



and now I have my own little icon twirling around! Quite nice.]

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Thanks for updating with the answer :-)
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You're welcome! It was on a forum where I think Greyelf or MadExile said it was under "style-init-screen". Otherwise it would have been impossible to find in the html soup no doubt!
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