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hello I'm using twin 2 Harlowe

i having trouble with values ie $health $cp communicating between passages

so i have a passage called player stats with all the values

then i have a hud to ley out the values and on a few pages i (display: "hud")

but the hud passage won't pick up the values from the player stats page

note: it works if i put the info all in one page but when i  display the hud in the test there's a huge gap where the code would be if that makes sense

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Without examples of your existing 'Player Stats' and 'Hud' passages it is difficult to determine why they are not displaying their content as you wish them too.

If you are using story variables to store the values then those variables should be available within each of the previously mentioned passages, assuming you have initialised (assigned a value) those variables before the content of those passages is displayed.