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I'd like to know if there is a way to have two or more links from different passage leading to the same passage ?

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What problem are you running into? You should be able to create as many links leading to the same passage as you want just by using the regular link strucutre.
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Well, when i try to do it, it creates a new passage every time, i've also tried the [[Texte here|Passage here]] but it only gives me a broken link wich i can't fix to link to the already existing passage.
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Please use the Question Tags, instead of the Question Title, to include the name and version of the story format you are using.

The following example consist of four (4) passage and demonstrates that you can have multiple links that target the same passage in a Jonah based story.

1. Start passage.

Select one of the following three links, the first two links lead to the ''Second'' passage and the third link leads to the ''Third'' passaage.

Both the ''Second'' and ''Third'' passages contain a link that lead to the ''Forth'' passage.

[[Option 1|Second]]
[[Option 2|Second]]
[[Option 3|Third]]

2. The Second passage.

This is the Second passage.


3. The Third passage.

This is the Third passage.


4. The Forth passage.

This is the Forth and final passage.

You should of noticed the follow as you entered the text of passages 1 to 3 of the above.

a. The target passage name of each of the three links in the First passage would of appeared Red (to indicate a missing passage) and upon closing that Passage Edit dialog you should of been asked if you want to create the two missing passages. After answering Yes the Second and Third passages would of been added to the Passage Map.

b. The target passage name of the link in the Second passage would of also appear Red and closing that Passage Edit dialog would of mentioned one missing passage, and the Forth passage would be created.

c. The target passage name of the link in the Third passage would of appeared Blue (to indicate a existing passage) and there would of been no dialog upon the closing of that Passage Edit dialog.

While running the Story you should be able to control the displaying the Second or Third passage, and both of them should cause the Forth passage to be displayed.

WARNING: Take care not to add white-space (like the space character) to either the start or the end of the Target Passage Name of a markup based link, because that white-space will be added to the name of the generated missing passage.

/% GOOD markup based link. %/
[[Link Text|Target Passage Name]]

/% BAD markup based link. %/
[[Link Text| Target Passage Name ]]