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So I have an encounter set up with 3 werewolves. I only want to the story to progress after all 3 are dead. The code I have for that is 

HP: (print: $health)
Werewolf 1 HP: (print: $werewolfMinion1HP) 
Werewolf 2 HP: (print: $werewolfMinion2HP)
Werewolf 3 HP: (print: $werewolfMinion3HP)

(if: $werewolfMinion1HP is <= 0 and $werewolfMinion2HP is <=0 and $werewolfMinion3HP is <= 0)[ [[You have slain the werewolves!->conclusion]] ]
(if: $health is <= 0)[ [[You have died!->Load Game]] ]

(if: $werewolfMinion1HP is <= 90)[ (display: "Wolf Minion 1") ]

(if: $werewolfMinion1HP is <= 0)[You have slain this werewolf!]

(if: $werewolfMinion2HP is <= 90)[(display: "Wolf Minion 2")]

(if: $werewolfMinion2HP is <= 0)[You have slain this werewolf!]

(if: $werewolfMinion3HP is <= 90)[(display: "Wolf Minion 3")]

(if: $werewolfMinion3HP is <= 0)[You have slain this werewolf!]

The displayed pages are all the same but with different variable names as per here:

	(if: $playerToHit is 0)[
		(set: $playerToHit to 6)
	(set: $playerToHit to $playerToHit - 1)
	(set: $playerChance to (random: 1, $playerToHit) )

(if: $playerChance is 1 ) [
You hit the first werewolf with your hatchet! It loses 20 health! [[Attack again->werewolf encounter group]]
(set: $playerToHit to 0)
(set: $werewolfMinion1HP to $werewolfMinion1HP - 20)] 
(else:)[You swing your blade but the first werewolf dodges your attack! [[Attack again?->werewolf encounter group]]]

What can I do to prevent the HP from going lower than 0 when the page reloads for each attack?

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(if: $werewolfMinionHP is < 0)[(set: $werewolfMinionHP to 0)]
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