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Hello everyone. I hope someone can help me. I'm using Twine 2 and Sugarcube 2 to write my very first text adventure. It's going really well, I have over 35 pages so far and am really excited, but there are a couple of things I can't seem to understand or find solutions for. I'm autistic and have ADHD so it's a struggle to focus sometimes.

The player has to answer a riddle. He has 2 choices, A, B and C. How can I make it so that if you enter A and B it's the wrong answer and C is the right answer and you can proceed?

And how do I allow the player to pick up points along the way?

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And how do I allow the player to pick up points along the way?

You can use a $points story variable to track this, you can also use a story variable to track if the Reader correctly answered the riddle.

The following example consists of X Passages in your story.

1. Use a <<set>> macro to initialise your $points story variable within a special passage named StoryInit.
You should also initialise the story variable being used to track if the Reader answered the riddle correctly, I will be using a Boolean variable named $knewRiddle to do that. This variable will equal true is the answer is correct and false if it is not, by default we assume it is not.

<<set $points to 0>>
<<set $knewRiddle to false>>


2. Use Links within the Passage containing the riddle to offer potential answers.
You can use a Link With Setter to handle the selection of the correct answer to the riddle.

Three eyes have I, all in a row; when the red one opens, all freeze.

[[A. Wrong Answer 1|Next Passage]]
[[B. Traffic light|Next Passage][$knewRiddle to true]]
[[C. Wrong Answer 2|Next Passage]]


3. Check if the Reader knew the riddle's answer in the Next Passage.
You can use an <<if>> macro to check the current value of the $knewRiddle story variable and a <<set>> macro to increment then $points story variable if the Reader answered correctly,  and a related <<else>> macro to display a message if they answered incorrectly.

<<if $knewRiddle>>
	You correctly answered the riddle!
	<<set $points += 1>>
	It seems that you don't know the answer to that riddle!