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In my game I'd like to unlock all the weapons for players who enter the cheat code idkfa.

Unlocking the weapons in the game is easy enough with an IF statement:

<<if $idkfa == true>>
  <<set $playerHasChainsaw to true>>
  <<set $playerHasPistol to true>>
  <<set $playerHasShotgun to true>>
  <<set $playerHasChaingun to true>>
  <<set $playerHasRocketLauncher to true>>
  <<set $playerHasPlasmaGun to true>>
  <<set $playerHasBFG9000 to true>>

But what's the best way to actually set $idkfa to true?  My ideal method would be:

  • Obscure to casual players, so they're not aware of a text box designed to receive cheat codes
  • Able to report to the player, perhaps via a dialogue box, that they'd entered the cheat code successfully

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You could hide your cheat input on a screen where the player would naturally type something into a textbox. If you for example start off your game by allowing your players to name their character you could do something like this:

<<set $name to "John Smith">>
<<set $idkfa to false>>

<span id = "test">Enter your name:</span>
<<textbox "$name" $name autofocus>>

<<button "Continue">>
	<<if $name == "">>
		<<replace "#test">><span style="color:red">Enter a name before proceeding:</span><</replace>>
	<<elseif $name == "supersecretpassword"  and not $idkfa>>
		<<prepend "#test">><span style="color:red">Super Secret Cheat unlocked! </span><</prepend>>
		<<set $idkfa to true>>
		<<goto "Intro">>


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That works perfectly, thanks :-)