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So this is my code, but I keep getting errors about it. It used to work and then suddenly it didn't work. 

<<switch visited()>>
<<case 1>>
words words words
[[option 1]] || [[option 2]]
<<case 2>>
words words words
[[option 1]] || [[option 2]]
<<case 3>>
words words words
[[option 1]] || [[option 2]]
<<case 4>>
words words words
[[option 1]] || [[option 2]]

The errors I get are things like "can't find <</switch>>" but prints it out on the last line and "<<case>> can't find it's parent macro>>

It's also only the first passage that doesn't work, the other two where I have this exact code work just fine.

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You're missing a '>' at the very end.
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it's always the stupid things that trip me up, sorry, my bad. I feel like an idiot.
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It happens to the best of us.
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