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So, i just ran into a huge issue when i was writing on my story (which is becoming quite big at this). The problem was being extremely illusive and didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, so i thought it would be a smart idea to do a rollback and then try to copy+paste my new code into an older version of my project (one of many, which i constantly keep handy in case something would go wrong).

However, as i imported an older version of my project that i had exported, i was prompted with the message that stated this 

"Some stories you are importing already exist in your library. Please choose which to replace. Any other stories in your file will be imported as well."

I was obviously not interested in replacing my work that i had just done, so i clicked the button that explicitly stated this "Don't Replace Any Stories".

And at first, it appeared i had two stories with the same name, however when i entered the newly imported older version, it for some reason instantly deleted (as in, it's not showing up in twine nor the library) the new and bugged version of my project, which deleted at least +6 hours of work.

Now that is pretty sad in itself, but it could have been much much worse.

Is there any way to retrieve the deleted story? I have no clue where to look.

Also, is there any plans on making Twine more forgiving when it comes to deleting in general? Ctrl + Z doesn't work either.


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Bugs found while using the Twine 2.x application should be reported on the Issues page of the application's repository, because there is no guaranty that the Twine 2 developers will see a question on this Q.A site.

Any suggestions on how to improve or extend the the functionality of the Twine 2 application should be made on the same Issues page, but please use a separate Issue to the one that reports a bug as this helps the developers track bugs & enhancements separately. 

RE: Recovering a particular version of a story project.

Did you use the Publish to File option to create a story HTML file based on the latest version of your project?
Did you use the Archive option to backup your story projects before you did the 'import' that corrupted your later version project?

If the answer to either of the above is Yes, then you could possible use either of the above HTML files to recover the later version of your project.

I strongly suggest using the Archive option to make regular backups of your projects, and to especially use it before any process (like importing) that effects the contents of one or more projects.

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I have not looked into using the Archive option, but maybe i should now. I only used the Publish to File option, which is how i tried to do the rollback (and how the new version got replaced).

I still have the story, its just that a lot of code from the newest version of the project went into thin air and dissapeared.

I suspect that the error/bug arises from the fact that when importing a new story with the same name as an existing one, it auto-replaces the other story without renaming the newly imported story when you press "Don't Replace Any Stories".

I'll report it as a bug on their issues page then, thanks.