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Is anybody else getting twine 2.2.1 getting flagged as a virus when downloading?

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Yes! This happened to me at around 9:30 PM EST last night - I'm at work right now so I don't remember it 100%, but I'm pretty sure Windows Defender flagged it as Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.c!cl (if I'm wrong, it may have been flagged as Fuerboos.a!cl instead - the below description applies to both):

This threat detection is a heuristic cloud protection rule that protects against new and emerging malware threats. It defends against multiple types of malware that perform various malicious actions on your PC.

Chrome, I believe, has also been blocking the Twine download, but only sometimes (I frequently get download failed, which could technically mean any number of things). One time it came through and I uploaded it to VirusTotal - I remember three of the programs on it flagged the download, but I wasn't familiar with any of them. I only had time to run a scan of my downloads and program files with MBAM before I had to go to sleep for work, this came up clean. Unfortunately, I can't really leave my computer on overnight to run scans as my dog is really sensitive to noise and light; if she even hears or sees anything coming from my computer in the middle of the night she'll start barking. sad