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Hey, team. 

I recently tried to upgrade from Twine 2.1.3 to Twine 2.2.1 and both versions are acting up. 

Twine 2.2.1 will not open at all (and my security settings allow for all applications to be opened), as it crashes upon startup. 

Twine 2.1.3 now has three alert windows that tell me the following: 

You profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of NS.js.

Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of NW.js. 

Any assistance would be appreciated. 

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Straight from the text above where you start a topic:

"Is Twine itself misbehaving?

If you're encountering a bug with Twine -- it crashes, won't save your work, or doesn't behave as expected -- please open a bug instead."

Aside from that, it seems that you need to install a newer version of NW.js or NS.js or whatever it is.

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Also due to the fact that currently each version of the Twine 2 application uses the same internal ID to identify itself, which means that the "settings" of each version is stored in the same location.

This cause issues when trying to run two (or more) different versions of the Twine 2 application on the same machine, as you have discovered.

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Has there been any fixes or workarounds that anyone's discovered for this issue? I'm still suffering it.
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I'm having the same problem, Chaddus.  I reported it as an issue here.  I'll make a note there that you're experiencing it too.