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I have a faculty member who is attempting to download the latest version of Twine on Windows 7 enterprise. We get the admin prompt and I enter in the correct credentials but nothing else happens after that. I've checked UAC and also noticed the exe is running in processes through task manager. When I attempt on my machine that is running WIN 10 the setup prompt after admin credentials are entered shows up immediately. Any ideas?

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I don't know the answer to your issue but after some research on the NW.js website (one of the frameworks used to build the Twine 2 install-able release) I did find this issue related to Windows 7 and transparency themes.

Do you know if the machine running Windows 7 Enterprise has been configured to use a (Desktop) Theme with transparency?

If it is, is it possible to temporarily reset the Theme back to the generic one and then try running the Twine 2 application again to test if that is the issue. I don't have access to a machine (nor to a virtual machine) with Windows 7 Enterprise installed so I can't do the test myself.