Twee Reference


This is an online reference for writing hypertext stories with either the GUI application Twine, or the command-line version, twee. To start reading, click a book on the left to open it, then choose a section. If you're just getting started, the Basics section is the best place to start.

  1. Basics
    1. What Is Hypertext?
    2. About Passages
    3. About Links
    4. Formatting Passages
    5. About Tags
    6. About Story Formats
    7. Special Passages
    8. Choosing Between Twine and twee
  2. Twine Reference
    1. Installing Twine
    2. Story Files
    3. The Story Map
    4. Editing Passages
    5. Building Links
    6. Setting Story Formats
    7. Finishing Up And Proofing Your Work
  3. twee Reference
    1. Installing twee
    2. Writing Source Code Files
    3. Compiling Source Code
  4. Adding Code To Your Stories
    1. Why Use Code?
    2. Forcing the Reader to Make A Choice
    3. Displaying A Passage Within Another
    4. Giving the Reader Several Options
    5. About Expressions
    6. Remembering Things With Variables
    7. Displaying Text Conditionally
    8. Performing Many Macros Silently
  5. Customizing Your Stories
    1. Changing Your Story's Appearance
    2. Adding New Behaviors
    3. Writing Your Own Macros
  6. Other Resources
    1. The Twee Google Group
    2. Online Readings

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