28 December 2018 News


  • Broom Cupboard Studios, a digital artist residency in Seattle, WA, released their first game, Detective Corgi and the Mysterious Mansion. It’s filled with spooks!
  • Devin Monnens released Twinetroid, a conversion of 1987’s Metroid from the Futabasha Famicom Game Book Series. The gamebook was first translated and then converted into Twine for English-speaking fans to enjoy.
  • Jon Sorce released Fall On Your Knees, a game about Christmas, church, and watching the people you love leave you behind. Gameplay includes: counting the stars; having a bad time; doing your best; the end of the world.
  • Digg.com released You Are A Digg Editor, in which you play an editor trying to sum up the year.
  • Although you’ll need a Netflix subscription to watch/play it, Black Mirror‘s Bandersnatch episode was written in Twine. Wired has a look inside its creation.

Learning Resources

  • Dan Cox has published Procedural Generation in Twine, a summary of some techniques and research into generating content and using passages as storage in Twine with the story format SugarCube and using the JavaScript library jQuery.